Desk Yoga: Controlled Breathing Exercise (Video)

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Desk Yoga: Controlled Breathing Exercise (Video)

Alleviate stress and increase respiratory control with this calming controlled breathing exercise.

By Jessica Kellner

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Constant sitting in the workplace can lead to common aches and pains. Join us for a few minutes of rest and relaxation in our Desk Yoga series. Jessica Kellner, the Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living magazine, will guide you through a new, office-friendly yoga stretch.

In this edition, we focus less on physical stretches and more on breathing. Continual practice of this controlled breathing exercise, which Jessica describes as “breathing into a pitcher,” can alleviate stress and increase breath control during other cardiovascular activities. Simple and effective, this is something that anyone can add into their daily office routine.

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Published on Oct 15, 2015

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