A Solar Resort in Mexico: Majahuitas Resort

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Majahuitas eco-resort blends sun, sea and sustainability.
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Majahuitas eco-resort blends sun, sea and sustainability.

Kick off your sandals at a secluded, solar-powered resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Point your compass: Accessible only by boat, Majahuitas Resort (pronounced “Ma-ha-WEET-as”) is tucked into a sandy, jungle-lined cove on the Bay of Banderas, just south of Puerto Vallarta.

Magic by the sea: For a marooned-on-a-beach-with-most-of-the-amenities experience, you can’t beat Majahuitas. Guests stay in one of eight charming, rustic, open-air casitas (small, private houses) adorned with whimsical local art. Though there are no phones or electrical outlets, the casitas are solar- and candlelit-so read in bed as late as you please.

Beachside dining: A gong summons guests to freshly prepared gourmet meals, served beachside under broad umbrellas. The resort grows its own fruit.

Sandy and sustainable: The wind- and solar-powered resort is situated on land owned by the indigenous Chacala community, which prefers low-impact development. A special septic system helps preserve the fragile beach environment; recycling and composting help control waste.

Diversions: Swim, snorkel, sea kayak, hike or arrange a massage. The only thing that mars Majahuitas’ serenity is a short, daily tourist-ship invasion of daytrippers from Puerto Vallarta, but the rest is pure “aaaahh.”

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Published on Nov 1, 2006

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