Herbal Blends: Fines Herbes Recipe

Fines herbes (f??n ?irbs) are more often used fresh than dried, though they can be easily dried. These herbs provide a lovely flavor combination that is tasty in salads and with light fare when used fresh. When dried, they don’t have as much of an impact. This blend of chervil, chives, parsley and tarragon is full of fresh flavor. Use common chives, or garlic chives, if desired, and either flat-leaf or curly parsley. When it comes to the tarragon, only French tarragon is good for culinary purposes. If you can’t grow tarragon, use Mexican mint marigold or fennel.

I have seen a few other savory leaves added to this blend, such as salad burnet, marjoram and/or watercress. I like the taste of this Fines Herbes Recipe most especially in scrambled eggs and fresh in salads; in mayonnaise, butters, light cheeses, sauces, vinaigrettes and marinades; in light soups and stocks, court bouillon; and with vegetables. Try the fresh blend above sprinkled over a fresh sliced honeydew melon for a surprisingly lovely flavor combination. FINES HERBES RECIPE MAKES 1 CUP

• 1/4 cup chervil
• 1/4 cup chives
• 1/4 cup parsley
• 1/4 cup tarragon

Susan Belsinger, a longtime contributor to The Herb Companion, co-wrote The Creative Herbal Home (Creative Printing, 2007).

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Published on Mar 1, 2012

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